Not Hot Enough For Network TV

December 4, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard said he’d looked in the mirror yesterday and suffered a kind of crisis: “I can’t stand it that I don’t look like [John] Stamos or Rob Lowe or Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt. It’s just not right. I deserve to look at least somewhat human. George, be honest–no gay man’s attracted to me.” George answered generously: “You’re certainly not George Clooney. But you are you. And you are an attractive man. It’s not ugly. It’s you.” Howard didn’t buy it: “I think Steve Buscemi is better looking than me.” Just yesterday, he watched a HowardTV clip and felt for the ‘AGT’ target audience: “I’m assuming Howie [Mandel]’s coming back–although I haven’t spoken to him–but if he doesn’t, they should just get a really hot guy on there. That’s what these broads want to see anyway. It’s mostly women that watch these shows.”