Johnny Fratto Calls in to Say He Landed Medicated Pete a Gig

The role apparently appeared after Eric the Actor turned it down

December 5, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Johnny Fratto called in to say he’d booked Medicated Pete for a role in an independent film–a role Johnny claimed had been rejected by Eric the Actor: “Somebody called looking for Eric and it was one of those things Eric didn’t want to do. … Somehow the guy’s a killer or something and he didn’t want to be involved with [playing] a killer.”

Robin Quivers laughed that Gary Sinise still had legs, unlike his ‘Forrest Gump’ character, Lt. Dan: “You think they really cut that guy’s legs off?”

Howard agreed with Robin: “If you play a gay psychopathic killer, it doesn’t mean you’re a gay psychopathic killer.” Eric then called in to insist on his talent: “I am a f***ng actor. I’ve been acting on this show for ten damn years. This is not my real personality, you dumbasses.” Eric said his real self was “a nice, easy to get along with person.” Asked if he was Eric the Actor or Real Eric at the moment, Eric said he was “a mix of both.”