Adam Levine Stops By the Stern Show

Maroon 5 vocalist Adam Levine stopped by to promote the current season of "The Voice," although Robin was far more interested in his behind: "He's gorgeous! Look at that ass!" Asked about Maroon 5's remarkable chart tenure, Adam said it was different than being a rock star in the 60s and 70s: "If you were a mid-level band, you definitely had a plane." But the lack of excess in the current industry is almost an advantage now, "Because we can control it."

Behind "Moves Like Jagger"

Adam said he thought of partnering with Christina Aguilera after writing ("with 500 other people") Maroon 5's latest hit, "Moves Like Jagger", as it "definitely needed a female voice". The partnership coincided with their gigs on "The Voice," and it became the show's theme. Howard wondered if it bothered Adam that the producers of "The Voice" paid Christina more, but Adam shook his head, since Christina's name helped launch the show: "I was totally fine with that." The show--and the song--came along at just the right time, since Maroon 5's most recent album was under-performing: "It was doing, by all standards, really well, but it wasn't doing anywhere near as well as the first two." The band knew they needed to make a move--after 18 years together and 10 years of "unbelievable success", "We were at a crossroads."

On His 'Voice' Co-Coaches

Howard asked about Christina's recent weight gain, but Adam stopped him, laughing: "I wouldn't go that far. I'm keeping my f***ing mouth shut." Adam later acknowledged some conflict with Christina when "The Voice" first started: "In the beginning she was [showing up] late, but then she stopped doing it." The pair butted heads: "She and I had a thing in the beginning where it was a little...we bickered. But it's done and we're cool." Adam said he's had less rocky relationships with "The Voice's" other "coaches." Blake Shelton often sends "pictures of stuff he kills" and had Adam over to visit his property: "He lives in like this metal shack...he's got tons of dough but he keeps it so real." Asked to explain what he meant by shack, Adam clarified: "A 3,000 square foot shack...with an overwhelming amounts of deer heads."