World of Warcraft Dude Has Adrianne Curry Smitten

The "America's Next Top Model" winner talks about her new man's beautiful member

Asked about her recent exploits, Adrianne Curry bragged of certain sexual skill: "I was just told the other night that I am champion of dick-sucking. … I lick all around the dick until literally you can see toes curling."

And she's always on the lookout for girls: "I only pick perfect tens. Because I need--I need someone equal to me."

She's already recruited a man--from her World of Warcraft guild: "He's got a beautiful dick."

Adrianne said they were more than just sexual partners, as they share many interests: "He's a super neckbeard nerd." The guy even has several bodymods, including a Prince Albert piercing ("It goes through the hole of your dick and out the other side.") and some kind of incision in his mouth: "He did surgically modify his tongue to eat girls out better...he's obsessed with science."