Train Perform In-Studio

Pat Monahan and the guys chat and perform live on the Stern Show.

Pat Monahan and the guys from Train stopped by to perform in-studio and discuss their late-career success. Pat said they're recent string of hits sold well, but probably not as well as it might have before the Internet: "I would have a jet." But their years together have forged a lasting band relationship: "We used to be a family where you don't really like your family. But now we're, like, friends." Scott joked that everything went well if they remembered to treat Pat like God: "He's writing all the hit songs. He bought me a house. He got me a hot little girlfriend." Jimmy laughed that they did defer to Pat, but he's not the boss: "Pat's a really fair guy. It's not like he has a bunch of rules we have to play by." The band then performed their latest hit ("Drive By"), a bit of an old classic ("Calling All Angels"), a Van Halen cover ("Dance the Night Away") and a killer Guess Who cover ("These Eyes").