David Hasselhoff Can't Take It Any Longer

Photo: Mark Rupp / PR Photos

David Hasselhoff called in to promote his latest film, 'Piranha 3DD,' and regretted that he and Howard never got to share the 'AGT' stage: "It would've been great fun sitting next to you, dude. We would've had a blast. But after butting heads with Piers and threatening to kill him on the air, I finally said, 'I can't take it any longer.'"

David also noted how closely Howard had followed in his footsteps: "First I do 'Baywatch' and then you do 'Son of the Beach.' Then I do 'America's Got Talent.' And then you replace me on 'America's Got Talent.' Why do you keep taking my franchises?" Howard countered that he'd actually replaced Piers: "Howie replaced you!" David conceded the point, shooting back: "How do you replace Piers?"

Asked if he'd almost cast Leonardo DiCaprio as his son in 'Baywatch,' David laughed that it was true: "He actually brought that up to me after he was in--starring in 'Titanic' and I saw him at Universal Studios. I said, 'The best thing that ever happened to you was we didn't cast you.' … I think everybody on Baywatch ended up somewhere [ending] in the word rehab."