Woody Harrelson Went a Little Femme

Woody Harrelson stopped by to promote the Off-Broadway play he'd co-written and produced, 'Bullet For Adolf'--but before he could plug his latest success, he first had to go over a past failure. Woody remembered auditioning for Greg Kinnear's part in 'As Good As It Gets' and bombing horribly: "That didn't go so well. I was trying out for this gay part and I think I went a little too femme on it." Woody said he rarely auditioned for parts, but James L. Brooks, a friend, had asked him to read with Jack Nicholson. When Woody showed up at Jack's house, Jack gave him a single note about the character--a note Woody wouldn't repeat: "[It's] one of those things you really don't want to say publicly." Woody, while sober ("We did smoke one afterward, for sure, but not before."), blew it: "I could just tell by Jim's face that it wasn't happening."

Smoke Like I Smoke, Kids, But Less

Howard noted that Woody wasn't wearing shoes, so Woody explained that he doesn't eat or wear animal products: "I'm something of a hairless Hawaiian hippie, I guess you would say." To wit, he and his good friend Willie Nelson spend many hours as any hippie might: "We do puff a few together, me and Willie." The pair smoke at least 10 joints a day on Woody's back porch in Hawaii: "That would be a slow day there." Woody said his lifestyle made parenting difficult: "Any conversation where I'm trying to caution them or discipline them is odd because I've had a life of excess." But his recent turn to moderation has proven effective. Later, before he left, Howard asked Woody if he was really friends with Paul McCartney--Woody nodded: "He taught me sail. On one of them--what do you call 'em? Sunfish?"

Woody's Entourage

Before leaving, Woody told Howard that one of the stars of his Off-Broadway show had begged to accompany him to the show this morning because she was such a big fan of Howard. After learning she was an attractive woman, Howard invited Marsha Stephanie Blake into the studio and immediately asked if she had ever appeared naked in anything. Unfortunately her answer was only in a small play years ago.