Staff Profile #3: Ronni Mund

1. A person raised in a traditional setting with a traditional marriage profile. 2. Because of a change in profession, this person slowly assumes a non-traditional lifestyle... 3. Which includes sexual paraphilias--such as swinging. The subject, Ronnie, didn't want to hear it ("The guy has his opinion and I'm fine with it."), repeatedly attempting to storm out: "I don't understand why I have to answer to him. … He knows nothing about me. I'm not a f***ing swinger.

Since Dale was also a security consultant, Howard asked what he thought of Ronnie's body guard qualifications--but Dale begged off: "Don't even go there. My head will pop off its shoulders. … Whoever trained him ought to be shot." Dale said he had one question for Ronnie: "What does every executive bodyguard carry with him at all times related to gender?" Fred-as-Ronnie jokingly said "tampon"--and turned out to be right: "You plug up gunshot wounds and knife wounds with it. It'll stop bleeding. You'll plug it up. It's sterile."