Perez Hilton, Muckracker-Turned-Actor

Gossip king Perez Hilton stopped by to promote his role in Broadway's 'Newsical', crediting his dramatic weight loss to diet and exercise: "I don't weigh myself. I just look in the mirror, [but] now that I'm healthier, I'm definitely happier." Perez said yoga had been particularly helpful: "I believe in this concept of Yin and Yang. I can be very deep but I can also be very superficial. And the fact that I have abs now makes me very happy." Perez said his body's transformation was a 5-year process: "It's 80% what you eat and don't drink." And now that he's got a hot body? "I'm looking for a husband, but I'm also open to other stuff." Said "other stuff" included a recent hook-up with a dancer in Vegas--Perez raved about the dancer's salad-tossing abilities: "It felt mostly good. I've done it before, but I usually don't do that with someone I just met." Perez hoped his "pretty slutty summer" would continue this fall: "There's lots of potential on Broadway..."

Perez is 'Nice' Now

Perez said his commitment to yoga has made him nicer: "Some people call it the light, some people call it spirituality...I call it energy." But he hasn't abandoned his Website's trademark bite--asked about Britney Spears on 'The X-Factor', Perez laughed at her aging features: "That's one of the reasons to tune in! All of her faces." Similarly, Perez anticipated schadenfreude when 'American Idol' starts up: "One of the great things about Mariah [Carey] is that she claims to have such a great sense of humor."