Mark Natalie’s Word: The Dixie Chicks Will Be Back

Natalie Maines stops by to promote her new album and play some music in studio

January 4, 2013
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Asked about the Dixie Chicks, Natalie admitted her outspoken personality and liberal viewpoint soured many country music fans: “I can’t remember if there were bomb threats, but there was a particular person who wrote…’Natalie Maines will be shot dead at her show in Dallas, TX’ and the date of our concert and all of that.'”

Her outspoken-ness also caused a rift in the band, especially when ticket sales lagged. The group will soon be playing some shows in Canada (“It’s not weird but I didn’t want to do them.”), an obligation she’s fulfilling only to keep their agents and management happy: “I don’t feel like it’s the Dixie Chicks time. I feel like things were tainted permanently.”

Accompanied by Fred — who learned the song yesterday — on guitar, Natalie then sang a cover of Pink Floyd’s ‘Mother,’ the title track of her new album.