Pete Make His (Premature) Move

January 7, 2013
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Pete said he’d stayed at the producer’s house during the shoot, and Jackie Moore, his co-star, sometimes stayed in the next room. He made his play early on, knocking on her bedroom door and playing it cool: “So I sit down next to her, and I start rubbing her back…” Surprisingly, Jackie let him kiss her: “I actually did kiss her…but she told me she didn’t want to cheat.” Asked if he shot a load while kissing Jackie, Pete confessed that he had: “I think I did. But you know, I didn’t want to tell her I did. … I’m just so–I just need a woman, you know?” Later, Howard called Jackie to confirm the story. And it was true! “I told Pete he was really nice guy, but I was seeing someone. …Yes. I think he’s a really great guy.” Howard was shocked. Pete was smitten: “I do [love her]. I have something going on for her.” Gary laughed: “She had sex with him and she doesn’t even know it.”