Linda Stasi Is a Stand-Up Broad

January 8, 2013

Howard got New York Post television critic Linda Stasi on the line to commend her most recent column–and question several that preceded it: “I was so upset when you put out that article about me being shitty on ‘America’s Got Talent.'” Linda stood her ground: “You had to learn to play with others, you did, and then you turned out to be a great judge. … I do think you got great towards the middle.” Linda hoped AGT wouldn’t, like the other talent shows, name just any celebrity to this season’s judging panel: “A lot of them are turning into ‘Chicago.’ Like, let’s get the latest B[-list] celebrity to fill in.” Before hanging up, Howard asked why Linda always pointed out his ugliness, but Linda laughed it off: “That’s not true! I’ve done it once or twice or five times.”