Tracy Morgan’s Stand-Up Method

January 8, 2013
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Asked about his method, Tracy said the advent of camera phones and YouTube has kept him out of comedy clubs until his act is ready: “I won’t even go on-stage until that shit is funny. I’d rather go to the barber shop and test that shit out. … Wherever there’s a set audience. I’ll go to Benihana’s on 56th street and I got an audience sitting right there. Then I just pull my shit out and start testing it. If people laugh, it goes in the books.” His first secret is energy: “Emotional content. You can do [funny] shit and the reason why it tanks? You’re not bringing energy to it. You’re bailing out on it. You lost confidence.” And second, opportunity–his energy built for years: “When I was younger, adults would tell me, ‘Shut up. Stay in a child’s place.’ So now I’m grown up. And I say what the f I want to say.”