Black Cloud Returns to Block Party

January 14, 2013
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Shuli reported that Scott Salem would be rejoining the Block Party at its upcoming gig in Atlantic City (“We like to throw in mystery guests to keep things funny.”), news Howard welcomed with sarcasm: “The crowd will go wild.” Scott came in to confirm: “I told them I would do Harrah’s and then going forward… I would have to make sure it was written in stone what I got [paid].” Scott said he’d accept only a slight pay cut (“Much less is not going to happen. A little less could happen.”), which riled up Ronnie: “Whatever he hands me, that’s what I get! Just get on the plane and go. We all go, man. Quit being so anal.” Shuli had a couple contract requests (“When you do quit this next time–and you will–I keep the bowling ring.”), offering Scott a 50% pay cut: “It’s 50% more than anyone else is giving him.”