Meet “Smokey,” Jason’s Ex-Dealer

January 14, 2013
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

A “weed sober” Jason came in to report that he hadn’t turned to alcohol while in Vegas for CES: “I’m not a drinker-drinker. We went out to dinner. I had a couple glasses of wine with a steak…I had a total of 4 drinks over 5 days.” Jason said he felt bad for his former dealer, Smokey, as he used to buy 1-2 ounces a month: “It’s a financial hit! I even offered to float him some cash because I love him.” Smokey then called in to say Jason’s sobriety really did hurt his business: “I’m small-time. I’m no gigantic guy. I got a couple of dudes. I lose one, and–I had to cancel my HowardTV this month. I’m dying over here.” Smokey said he’d been smoking weed since he was 13, and started dealing 4 years ago. His “Weed on Wheels” delivery service moves a pound a week: “The opportunity came across and I was like f*** it. I’m smoking for free. I’m making some money.”