Is Eric the Actor Too Good for Soaps?

Wack Packer says there are certain TV roles he absolutely will not take

January 23, 2013
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard read an email from a “Bold & the Beautiful” producer who had a big offer for Eric the Actor. “We are happy to write any sort of character for him,” the note read.

The Wack Packer called in to say he was unsure if he’d take the part: “I have no idea. Right now soaps are kind of going downhill. I’m not saying I won’t do it, it’s just…”

Howard was surprised Eric was so busy: “Is it true you turned down the lead in ‘Argo’?”

Howard next brainstormed possible roles for Eric, starting with “a villain with a woman locked in his basement,” which Eric rejected “because I’ve already been accused of that in real life.”

Other roles Eric refused: firewood (“You’re a log on the fireplace, a talking log”), a drug kingpin, a pill-pusher, a neo-Nazi, a talking baby, and a millionaire bent on inventing a new sport (“Like, you ride Great Danes. And you want the sport to take off”).