Love to Poopsquirt & Mimi

January 29, 2013
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Poopsquirt and Punkin were the nicknames traded by Will, Sal, or Ronnie and their ladies–Howard knew it was Sal: “Of course. … He’s gross and disgusting and it’s hostile. Poopsquirt. She can’t even stand him.” Robin was surprised that there was any intimacy left in Sal’s marriage: “I didn’t even think they had nicknames for each other.” Howard immediately knew Ronnie and Stephanie were “my love” and “baby girl,” laughing, “Because he doesn’t know her name and she’s a baby girl.” Finally, Fred admitted “Mimi” was his wife’s nickname: “It was actually a name my daughter, when she was a little girl, called [her].” Fred said his wife calls him by his last name, a nickname alternately endearing or threatening–it’s all in her tone.