Howard Is a Stimulated Amoeba

January 30, 2013
Photo: NBC via Getty Images

Early in the show, Howard denied charges he was too hard on his staff, saying he was hardest on himself: “A lot of my frustration is my fault, because I haven’t communicated to them what I need.” Adding that his anger is often “just my initial response. I’m on the air and I just let it fly. I’m not really sitting and thinking about anything … I’m an amoeba that gets stimuli and I start moving around. I start lashing out. That’s the way I operate.”

Gary questioned the timing of Howard’s statements (“Do you want to have a discussion off the air?”), which only tainted Howard’s tone with threat: “No. Make an appointment with me. You have my phone number. You want to talk about stuff? About you and your problems?” Howard went on to say his “frustrations” weren’t the fault of Sirius XM’s management: “I’ve had as many meetings with the new guard as I have with the old guard.”