Extreme Superfan Trivia, Round 1

February 6, 2013
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Having met the contestants, Howard began the Extreme Superfan Trivia contest, noting that this 1st round of questions are worth 5 points apiece. The questions, followed by the superfans’ answers: Who wrote and performed the show’s opening theme? RJ and Carrie wrote down Rob Zombie, but only Mark answered correctly: Rob Zombie and Howard Stern. What size does Lisa G claim her breasts are? Carrie: 34DD. Mark: DD. Rob: 34D. [All wrong–the correct answer: 30DD.] What is Jeff the Drunk’s last name? All knew it was Curro. What state did JD’s mother move to after meeting a man on the Internet? All: Hawaii. What is the first name of Sal Governale’s wife? Mark and Carrie knew it was Christine. RJ did not. What did Bobo do for a living before his retirement? Carrie: Postal worker. Mark: Driving instructor. RJ: Both postal work and driving instruction. [Judges gave the points to everyone–Bobo has been both a postal worker and driving instructor.] What band performed ‘The Man With Horse Teeth’? All: America.