Joel McHale Partied with Howard

February 6, 2013
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

‘Community’ star Joel McHale stopped by to promote the show’s new season, adding that he’d actually been at a couple of the parties Jimmy Kimmel has thrown for Howard: “The first party I never even got near you because you’re like King Charlemagne coming home to his castle. It’s probably best you don’t know, but when George Clooney is waiting to talk to you? It’s best not to [bother].”

Joel talked about how he struggled for a long time before landing a role on Will & Grace: “I could only get commercial auditions. I didn’t have agent at that point because I’d been dropped. They called my manager and said, ‘Joel’s too small for the agency. He can come back in 4 years.'”

That role led to an audition for The Soup, where he was spotted by ‘Community’ creator Dan Harmon’s girlfriend: “She watched The Soup and said, ‘You should bring that guy in for Jeff.'”