What Goes Into ‘The Soup’

February 6, 2013
Photo: PRPhotos.com

Asked about his work on The Soup, Jeff said most of their targets don’t mind: “Without exception, every single reality star I’ve met has said, ‘Thank you for having me on. When can I come on again?'” The only person to threaten them? Tyra Banks: “We love her in that she gave us so much material. In that sense, we thanked her every week.” Bruce Jenner, allegedly, is also “not my biggest fan.”

Howard wondered if Joel had a favorite reality TV target, and Joel nodded, citing Whitney Houston’s work on Being Bobby Brown: “One of the biggest pop singers of all time was talking about her husband digging piles of shit out of her butt.” The worst? Britney Spears and Kevin Federline’s boring, self-filmed Chaotic. A former staffer would disagree: “For a year, we had a girl who watched every hour of The Today Show. She was like, ‘Guys? I’m going to jump off this deck.'”