Alex Jones on LSD & Black Women

February 26, 2013
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

It’s hard to get Alex Jones to stop talking once he starts. Two topics he will NOT discuss though: LSD and black women. Alex admitted to doing drugs in the past, but stayed silent on whether or not he’s tried LSD. And when Alex brought up Mel B being brought on as the new judge on AGT, he may have admitted more than he wanted to: “I find black women like her very sexy,” Alex told Howard. But has he ever been with a black girl? Alex was mum.

Speaking of black women, Robin Quivers seemed to be onboard with a lot of what Alex was saying: “I know these things are going on!” She agreed with Alex on how vaccines can no longer be trusted in America, citing that the most recent flu vaccine was reported to be only 9% effective. But really, is anyone surprised by this? We’re talking about the woman who vacationed in Central America and hallucinated on ayahuasca, and who several times in the past railed against “Western Medicine”. Crazy is no stranger to Robin Quivers.