JD the DJ and Grade School Stud

February 26, 2013
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Last night was JD’s moment to shine on the Stern channels. As host of his own Playlist Special, JD had complete control of the songs and chose ones that had a special place in his heart. The only problem was, Howard hated them. After listening to the special in its entirety, Howard deemed it, “the most depressing special we’ve ever aired.”

Okay, so the music wasn’t great, but JD did give us a glimpse into just how sad a life he leads, and that’s pure radio gold. Perhaps the saddest thing we learned was that JD feels he “peaked” in 6th grade, meaning his life has been on a downward slope every since.

Here’s JD’s full playlist:

– Let’s Talk About Sex – Salt N’ Pepa

– March Of The Pigs – NIN (Howard thought this song was too “obscure”)

– One – Metallica (Howard’s favorite song from JD’s list)

– The Theme to Flash Gordon – Queen

– The Beautiful People – Marylin Manson (Ralph’s favorite song from JD’s list)

– Baby’s Got Back – Sir Mix-A-Lot

– Natural Born Killahz – Ice Cube and Dr Dre

– Hey Boy Hey Girl – The Chemical Brothers

– Back Then – Mike Jones

– Endless, Nameless – Nirvana (A hidden track that everyone thought was too obscure)