The Either/Or game with Mr. Christy!

February 26, 2013
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The latest Stern Show game involved our favorite Kansas hayseed, Mr. Christy, which Howard previewed today. We asked Richard’s dad which of two things he’d rather do. Think you know which one he’ll choose?

Would you rather wipe with a corn cob or an oak leaf?

Would you rather eat a possum or carp?

Would you rather eat three day old road kill or a rabbit with a tape worm?

Tune in tomorrow for more of the Either or Game with Richard’s dad! And look below for the answers to the questions above!


An Oak Leaf….because a corn cob is too rough.

A Carp….because possums apparently eat things that can’t be trusted.

A Tape Worm Filled Rabbit….no explanation needed.