Kidnapped By Choice

April 3, 2013
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

GQ writer Drew Magary really wanted to know what it was like to be kidnapped… so he paid for the experience. That’s right, paying someone to kidnap you is a real thing, that apparently real people do.

For $500, you can get someone from Extreme Kidnapping to abduct you at gun point. But Drew wanted the full experience, so he shelled out the $1,500 it takes to be held for fourteen hours while being stun-gunned and water boarded, among other things. The folks at Extreme Kidnapping offer a wide array of kidnapping options and add ons, including (but definitely not limited to) slapping, piranhas, and verbal abuse.

Howard’s final take no the whole affair: “Guys are freaks.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Drew’s “kidnapping” experience, check out his article in GQ, titled Kidnapped (Just Kidding!)