‘Transformers,’ Pot, and Jerry Sandusky

April 15, 2013
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Mark Wahlberg didn’t hold anything back during his appearance. Today we learned:

  • Why Mark quit smoking pot. It turns out his daughter said the smell of a skunk reminded her of daddy, which was the last straw.
  • Mark was an honoary board member on “Second Mile,” the charity founded by Jerry Sandusky. Mark explained that he got involved while filming a movie, and he’ll now be doing extensive background checks on everything he gets involved with.
  • Recently Mark was sent a script about a young guy and an old man, and started to fantasize that Jack Nicholson could play the old guy. NOPE. It turns out the studio sent the script hoping Mark would play the older character.
  • Mark is replacing Shia LaBeouf in the next Transformers movie, explaining how he and director Michael Bay hit it off doing Pain and Gain.
  • Ted 2 is also coming. Mark confirmed there will be a sequel to the smash comedy hit.