Eric the Actor Calls in to Discuss Another Name Change

Wack Packer calls into the show with a few new ideas

May 7, 2013
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

He was originally Eric the Midget, before he insisted on being called Eric the Actor. Then, a few months ago, he called in and said he wanted to go back to Eric the Midget because he was trying to trademark it. But if you thought that would be the end of it, you’re wrong. So, so wrong.

The latest moniker he wants to use (which really flies off the tongue) in this now epic saga is “Eric the Actor Formerly Known as Eric the Midget.” But a name change wasn’t all Eric has in mind today. While on with Howard he also:

  • Wanted to pass along some candy store recommendations to Nick Cannon via Howard.
  • Said he wants Nicki Minaj off of “American Idol” because she’s “really annoying.”
  • Is upset we still haven’t set up a face-to-face meeting between him and porn star Brandy Talore.

We’re working on it, Eric.