Scott the Engineer Takes a Bow: Part 2

May 14, 2013
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

So did he pull it off? Of course not. In true Scott Salem fashion, everything fell apart the minute the band walked in. The microphones were messed up and there was an annoying echo in the studio when they started to talk. Scott was running in and out of the studio trying to fix the problem… while Howard sat there on air unable to talk to ZZ Top.

And while ZZ Top’s performance of “La Grange” and “Chartreuse” were universally hailed as one of the best live performances in the show’s history, there were issues with the mix, especially during “Chartreuse.” Scott blamed “bad outputs,” and even said that during “Chartreuse,” Billy’s guitar was somehow picking up another radio station, broadcasting it.

Howard suggested Scott should have come in Saturday as well, and warned him to wait next time before making speeches congratulating himself and everyone who helped him.

Fred put it best in his Scott Salem voice: “It took a village to f**k this up.”