Sal The Non-Believing Believer

May 15, 2013
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Stern Show writer Sal Governale does NOT believe in psychics at all. Except when he does.

Despite reading all of celebrity psychic George Anderson’s books, and campaigning hard to get Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo on the show, Sal still denies that he believes in psychics.

He just believes in that one psychic.

Sal is still desperate to get Caputo on the show to read Howard, Robin, or anybody but himself. Why not take a reading himself? Because he’s insane, of course.

Sal says he fears his deceased Grandmother might come through and admonish him for his Stern Show antics. She had a different view of Sal before she passed on; before Sal started dipping his balls in chocolate and sticking things in his pouch.

And now you know the inside workings of a mind that believes in psychics.