Next on Hoarders: Da Bad Ass

June 12, 2013
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

If you’re not familiar with the Howard TV special series “Embedded with Jon Lieberman,” the great Howard 100 News reporter spends 24 hours living with somebody in order to get an in-depth look at what life is like. Jeff the Drunk and Medicated Pete have both done it, and at a recent meeting it was decided that the staffer whose life we most wanted to explore next was JD Harmeyer.

JD said that under no circumstances were any cameras coming into his apartment.

“Why?” Producer Gary Dell’Abate asked. “Are you a hoarder?”

JD mumbled something like: no, well, kinda, maybe, a little bit.

“You’re a hoarder!” Howard exclaimed, before demanding to know exactly what was going on in that apartment.

Gary came in with a list of known facts about JD’s living situation:

1) Mice ate his pants when he left him on the floor in his room.

2) No one’s ever seen JD’s apartment. He agreed to let Jon Hein in once to use the bathroom, but Jon never went upstairs.

So what is JD hoarding? He says just some of his brother’s stuff and a bunch of movies he hasn’t watched.

Howard suggested we just break down the door and do an “Embedded,” with or without permission.