Larry’s Life Changing Moment: ‘I Love This Sh*T!”

June 26, 2013
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Broadcasting icon and suspender-enthusiast Larry King made his Stern Show debut this morning to walk Howard through his long life and career.

After working in radio (which Larry said was his favorite medium) and local TV, Larry got the call in from Ted Turner in the mid-eighties to host a show on his new network, CNN. At the time, Larry was “between marriages” in what he called “an odd week,” and decided to take the plunge with Ted. (Larry describes the cable TV Titan as “manic-depressive,” revealing that he takes Lithium, but also notes “he’ll stand by you if you stand by him.”)

Ten minutes into his first television broadcast, Larry had a revelation: “I love this sh*t!”

He would continue to host Larry King Live for the next 26 years, going from a salary of $200,000 per year at the beginning to a five-year, $35 million contract by the time he left, which made him the highest paid broadcaster on cable TV.

Within that timespan, Larry interviewed everybody and covered every big news story. Among the highlights of his run, he cited the Perot/Gore debate, broadcasting for 73 days from Ground Zero after 9/11, and the breaking OJ Simpson car chase.

The channel then decided to “go in a new direction” with Piers Morgan, and apparently that direction was south (in the ratings, at least.) After that “smack in the head,” Larry admitted that he takes some pleasure in the fact that he’s not easily replaceable, but he said he still loves the network and wants it to do well.