Adam Carolla: The Podfather

July 22, 2013
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Like Kristen Bell and Zach Braff before him, Adam is taking to the streets and asking his fans to donate to the production in exchange for perks and experiences like a role in the film, an invite to the premiere, or something called “Adam Takes Your Calls For LIFE!” which it turns out is basically Adam recording your outgoing voicemail message.

Check out some of the highlights from the interview below:

* While Howard and Beth were sitting with luminaries like Ben Affleck and Matt Damon at Jimmy Kimmel’s wedding reception, Jimmy’s best friend and former co-host Adam was seated with members of Jimmy’s family.

Howard asked if Adam was shocked that he was relegated to a bad table and wasn’t in the wedding party. Adam responded that he wasn’t even shocked by 9/11, let alone Jimmy’s wedding.

* The day of Jimmy Kimmel’s wedding Adam asked if he could say a few words. When Jimmy’s Cousin Sal (who was acting as the Master of Ceremonies) passed over him, the Ace Man took it in stride and realized that he could commence getting hammered since he didn’t have to give a speech. Of course, many drinks later, the wedding planner tapped him on the shoulder and told him it was his time to shine. Carolla delivered a heartfelt – if long and rambling- speech.

* While Adam appears regularly on the political show The O’Reilly Factor, ranting on different political and social issues, he revealed this morning that he doesn’t vote and has never really voted – except in the Los Angeles mayoral race, because he hated mayor Antonio Villaraigosa so passionately.

* Adam hold the Guinness World Record for most downloaded podcast, The Adam Carolla Show, and has earned the nickname “The Podfather,” which he’d like to replace with “Wide Dick.”

* Robin Quivers was throwing barbs at Adam throughout his interview, like admonishing him for complaining about the government without participating in the process, and asking “What if no one watches the movie?” Some people might watch, as Adam revealed that the film is about hiring a hobo to kill Robin.