Re-Enacting Weiner

July 29, 2013
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard and Robin decided that the erotic text messages between mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner and a woman named Sydney Leathers (who will be in studio tomorrow) deserved a dramatic reenactment, so they dove right in and things got steamy.

HOWARD: I walk into a hotel and you’re naked except for some f*ck me shoes. You look completely in charge.

ROBIN: We could always make that fantasy a reality.

HOWARD: Still holding your hair I spread your legs. Your t*ts are swinging already as you wriggle.

ROBIN: Ravage me!

HOWARD: Still holding your hair. Now standing, I take my other hand and finger your p*ssy. It’s wet. Soaked. I turn you around and bend you over the back of a chair. Your p*ssy asking for it.

ROBIN: F*ck me, baby.

HOWARD: I walk right up to you and bend down grab the back of your hair and put my tongue deep in your mouth. You grab my c*ck. Still holding your hair and still kissing you, I stand you up.

ROBIN: You’re making me so wet, I want this to happen.

HOWARD: I slide my c*ck in you slow at first. You are so tight, and then harder, my balls slapping your ass. With each thrust you squeal a little. I start to f*ck you so hard your t*ts almost hit you in the face. You reach back and spread your ass.

ROBIN: I want to make this happen ASAP!

After everybody calmed down, Gary theorized that Anthony is obsessed with body shots because he sees himself as a “butterface” meaning that his face isn’t so great, but he’s proud of his slammin’ body.