Kevin Mazur Shot Everybody

Rock photographer Kevin Mazur stopped by to promote his new paparazzi documentary, '$ellebrity,' telling Howard that he got his start hustling tickets to rock shows at Nassau Coliseum. After cold-calling famed photographer Annie Leibovitz, Kevin's photo hobby seemed more sustainable than scalping: "She told me to call these photo agencies." The first agency he approached sold one of his photos of Billy Joel for $150 to People magazine. Shortly after, PR legend Ken Sunshine hired Kevin to photograph one of Paul McCartney's parties--Kevin soon found himself on staff at Rolling Stone, befriending rock royalty like Elton John and Sting. He went on to co-found the WireImage photo agency: "We raised about a half a million dollars and we started the Website and it just took off within six months." The company's $207 million sale to GettyImages was split between its 8 partners and their investors. Kevin, as a partner, cleared over $10 million.