Man Claims to Have the ‘World’s Sexist Voice’ Visits the Studio

October 7, 2013
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

When we heard that there was a handsome, aspiring filmmaker* who had the world’s sexiest voice, we thought we may have found the next JD Harmeyer, so we booked him right away.

Joe Pomarico, who claims to have the World’s Sexiest Voice stopped by to promote his audio collection of erotic short stories. His voice certainly was deep, and he claimed that he’s had that voice since the age of nine, and that any woman who hears it must immediately pleasure herself.

Howard had him read from Robin’s new book “The Vegucation of Robin,” and he tried to make grilling vegetables sound like soft-core porn.

At first it seemed like a bust, because Robin Quivers, probably the most sensual woman in the world, said she wasn’t feeling any particular desire to masturbate. But Howard went to the phones and the floodgates opened:

Wood Yi called up, telling Joe to “keep talking … I’m going to cum.”

Ray Stern (really Howard) was next, telling Joe that she was lifting her skirt and her giant panties and parting the hairs. She told Joe to get ready to accept the p*ssy juice on his face.

Finally, our own JD Harmeyer called up, telling Joe “I want you to cum for me,” and theorizing “you like it in the ass too, right?”

Does Joe’s voice do it for you? Find out by hearing from the man himself on his YouTube Page

*Unlike JD, Joe actually worked for a prominent filmmaker- Spike Lee – but claims he was fired after he got too close to the director, inspiring jealousy in members of Spike’s inner-circle.