The Howard Stern Show: Monday October 7, 2013

Beth drops by with kittens

October 7, 2013
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard’s wife Beth stopped by to show Robin and the audience some of the kittens they’ve been fostering. The cats had the run of the studio – even going to the bathroom on the carpet in front of Howard’s console.

Howard and Beth take these kittens – who are close (sometimes about an hour) to being put down – and foster them in their home until they can find suitable owners who “pass Beth’s test.” Beth admits that she has a lot of criteria, but they’ve found homes for dozens of kittens.

When one cat got down into the crevice between Fred and the guest couch, Benjy got down and tried to coax it out, which he did beautifully. Howard was impressed. “Benjy is good with animals – who knew?” Robin was glad that Benjy is good with something.