Are Robin’s Days of Ayahuasca and Colonics Behind Her?

October 9, 2013
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

When Robin announced that she was cancer free, Howard assumed that she would emerge from her 17-month ordeal not only cured of her cancer, but cured of her desire to chase ridiculous spiritual rituals and alternative healing.

He may have been wrong. When he pointed out that when the going got rough, Robin headed to a real doctor and that all the colonics and ayahuasca are behind her, Robin said that she’s not necessarily done exploring.

“Oh yes you are,” Howard said.

Robin admitted that after her surgery, she can’t be administered the high colonics she loved in her care-free days. Howard was sure that the ayahuasca and colonics are the reason she got cancer in the first place.

“The colonics punctured Robin and pushed the shit into her endometrial,” Dr. Stern diagnosed.

Howard said that if Robin ever wanted to go “exploring” again, he’d send her to explore Sloan Kettering.

Blogger and Stern Show Superfan Jeff Jarvis called in to tell his own story about having his prostate removed due to cancer – he can still jerk off, but nothing comes out.

We all have our crosses to bare.