Howard Enjoys a Deep Conversation With Fred Norris

The two recall a chat they had during a blizzard in 1981

October 30, 2013
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Good morning! Howard started the show by promising to play all the clips, bits and interviews he’s been promising to get to all week. But first, let’s get to know Fred Norris.

When asked how long it’s been since he’s had a deep one-on-one conversation with Fred, Howard had no trouble at all pinpointing the last – and only – man-to-man they’ve ever had: During a blizzard in the winter of 1981 (that’s 32 years ago, for those doing the math at home).

Howard offered to let the young hillbilly stay at his apartment because Fred was living in squalor, and due to the inclement weather, Fred agreed. They went out to stock up for the storm and Fred revealed that all he ate were boiled hotdogs, which Howard couldn’t believe.

As Howard cooked fish for himself, Fred boiled up the hotdogs and they had a long, deep talk that lasted for days.

Howard learned all about Fred’s life, so much so that he felt “full” and didn’t need another conversation – ever.

The two have been radio silent ever since. There was an attempt to connect at last year’s Christmas party, but, just like on the radio show, Robin Quivers burst in and took Howard’s attention away.