The Creepy Guys of Craigslist

November 6, 2013
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Stern Show writer Sal Governale was doing “research” for work, and he came across some interesting classified ads on Craigslist. Howard found them fascinating, so he read through some, hoping Robin might answer one.

– The first guy was willing to trade his MacBook Pro for sex with an attractive white, Latina or Asian female.

– Next up: “Panty accidents, diaper play, female model wanted. M4W, 50, looking for a female model to soil her panties or diapers while I take pictures. We can make this a rewarding experience. I am discreet and sophisticated.”

Yes, very sophisticated.

Howard was so disgusted by this that he had to ask Robin, would you rather soil your panties for a guy or give him a hand job? Robin went with hand job because it’s cleaner.

One gentleman was begging to meet a fat guy at a video store so he could “stick [his] tongue in many hidden places.”

Next up was a guy looking for some weird incestual role-play: “Hi sweetie, daddy is home! Remember how excited those four words made you? You wanted more than a hug from daddy and he wanted more too. Put ‘hug me daddy’ in the subject line of your email, so I know you’re not a cop.”

One guy in his 60’s was interested in ass play but was limited to oral sex only. If you contact him, he requests you put “Hi Grandpa” in the headline. It’s probably not Ronnie, but you never know…

Last but not least, one perv was Desperately Seeking Big Labia. Howard’s interest piqued as he wondered who had big labia minora, which led to …