Bobo Describes His Latest Health Scare

Longtime caller discusses getting a catheter of sorts

November 13, 2013
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

We have almost lost beloved superfan Bobo a few times – when the world almost ended in 2012 and when he had a lesion on his liver and was sure the end was near.

But now, another tragedy – Bobo has to endure a “pipe up [his] dick,” sometimes called a catheter, and must be checked for possible bladder cancer.

Stern Show producer Gary Dell’Abate has had a catheter in before, but was under anesthesia, so he didn’t feel it going in. Coming out was a different story, and he squirmed and said it was the oddest sensation he’d ever felt.

Bobo revealed that he’s actually seeing the same doctor Howard goes to, which amazed and annoyed Howard. Bobo called the doctor up and announced himself as “Bobo from the Howard Stern Show” and was given an appointment. Howard’s doctor is the best, but Bobo seems to find a way into personal parts of Howard’s life, specifically where doctors and medicine are concerned.

Like the time Howard’s youngest daughter Ashley was born, twenty years ago. Bobo thought it would be a great idea to show up at the hospital to congratulate Howard. Any fan knows that’s something Howard would love. Bobo got ahold of Howard’s parents outside the hospital and somehow convinced them that Howard would want to see him, so they all went upstairs together.

This whole event still mystifies Howard.

Bobo’s Real Concern

Back to Bobo’s impending death, his two major concerns were:

1) How long he’d have to wait after the procedure before having sex with Mrs. Bobo again?

2) That cancer will affect his ability to attend the in January?

Howard said that Bobo wasn’t necessarily invited to the party, unless he’s dying. If he’s dying, we’ll have him at the show.