Video Games and Letterman

December 2, 2013



After Howard did a commercial for the new Xbox One Shuli got to talking about his new favorite pastime – playing Call of Duty with Yucko the Clown and messing with people in the public chatroom. (Turns out Shuli may be one of the best paid members of the news team, as he plunked down $500 for the new Xbox the day it came out)

He and Yucko begin playing the game and then, pretending they think they’re in a private chatroom, they’ll start talking explicitly about the gay sex they’ve had with each other and how great it was.

Yucko will say something like “I still have some of your dried cum on my eye” and the other players freak out and bail on the game.

That led to Howard to playing this amazing audio of gamers arguing (and defending) a little kid while playing an online video game

Don’t be creeped out. That’s just Shuli alone in the dark, playing video games in his light-up gamer headphones. Actually, be creeped out.


Gary called Howard’s recent Letterman appearance his best ever. Howard had a great time, but was taken aback by Dave calling Paramount Pictures head Brad Grey a “weasel,” even though he’d never met him. Dave was trying to make a statement about executives in general.

When Howard forced Dave to dance and asked who should lead, Dave whispered into his ear “f*ck you asshole, I’m leading, it’s my show.”