Eric’s Alive (and on TV)

December 10, 2013
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Eric’s Alive (and on TV)

One twitter rumor that we absolutely, positively had to clear up this morning- with Eric on the phone live with us – was finding out whether or not he was actually alive.

On the phone with us this morning he claimed he was, indeed, alive and pointed out that he had sent Howard 100 News’ Shuli Egar pictures and videos to prove it.

Not only is Eric alive, but he recently filmed his upcoming role on FXX’s Legit, which is the entire reason he called in this morning (even though the show doesn’t air til January).

So, after the extensive interview where Eric really revealed it all, Howard asked why he couldn’t have called in tomorrow. The answer?

Eric has to rest up for a teeth-cleaning (very Hollywood) and gear up for a family trip to fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.