JD and the Burden of the Xbox One

December 11, 2013
Photo: The Howard Stern Show


Scott is so permanently downtrodden that he can’t stand when other people are fortunate – which was the case when Xbox set up a demo for the whole Stern Show staff to show off what the new Xbox One could do.

Everyone was invited – including Scott – but only about six guys showed up to try it out – including Gary, Jason, JD, and Jon Hein. Scott declined, choosing to sit in silence by himself.

Well, the good people at Xbox decided to give a console to each of the guys who showed up to the demo – and that’s when Scott got upset. Scott feels he never gets what other staffers get (though no one else on staff has gotten a gold and diamond bowling ring).

The only other staffer who wasn’t over the moon about the Xbox situation was media producer JD Harmeyer – who got an Xbox, but wasn’t happy about it.

JD found the Xbox to be major inconvenience, not only in terms of hooking it up to his TV, but also in terms of getting it home. JD has always had an interesting relationship with the subway – he was once mugged on the train and, years later, it gave him such panic attacks that he missed days of work instead of taking the train in. He was nervous about carrying such a coveted item on the train back to deep, deep Brooklyn.

JD offered to give his Xbox to Scott, provided Scott writes him a handwritten thank you note.