Callers Guess Howard and JD’s Weight to Win Birthday Bash Tickets

After weighing in, one staffer's diet comes into question

December 16, 2013
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The staff unveiled a new game to win tickets to Howard’s Birthday Bash: guess the Staff’s Weight. The contestant had to pick a staffer and guess his or her weight to the nearest ten pounds in order to win.

First up was Michelle, who picked Howard. She locked in on 175 pounds and Howard stepped on the scale. He was 191 pounds but realized that his boots and headphones were heavy. Once he removed them, he was revealed as a svelte 183, which was within ten pounds of Michelle’s guess.

Later in the show, another caller named Mark picked media producer JD Harmeyer for his chance to win the big prize. Mark decided on 190 pounds, but after hearing the crew debate this, upped his guess to 210 pounds.

JD lumbered onto the scale and clocked in at a whopping 214.8 lbs. His waist is 45 ½ inches.

It was also revealed by a staffer in the back office that JD eats Stove Top stuffing, which is typically a Thanksgiving or Christmas treat, all year long.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show