Benjy the Christmas Duck

December 18, 2013
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard got wind that Stern Show writer Benjy Bronk wanted to attend the beautiful holiday party Howard throws annually in costume.

It’s no great secret to anyone with eyes that Benjy is a great big fat man. The only one who is uncomfortable with this is Benjy, who is deeply insecure about his weight – despite the fact that he’s always been fat.

He’d rather show up to the party dressed as a duck or Santa Clause than try to squeeze his fat ass into a suit.

Howard told Benjy to just wear his Darrell Hammond costume, which he wears every day, but Benjy declined.

Benjy’s fashion icon Darrell Hammond

Howard was irritated beyond belief at this cry for attention, but Benjy swore it was an authentic request. He’s so fat that he’d be more comfortable in a duck costume.

Howard asked that he consider other people’s comfort, not just his own. This was a total revelation to Benjy.

Gary Dell’Abate begged Benjy, on behalf of the office, to just not come. Benjy always manages to make the staff Christmas party about him – whether doing unsettling things under the table with his date or showing up dressed like hip hop Mickey Mouse, it’s the Benjy Bronk show.

And nobody is interested in the Benjy Bronk Show.