The 2013 Mr. Skin Anatomy Awards

He might be the biggest pervert on the planet, but he's always welcome on the Howard Stern Show. Mr. Skin came in to announce the winners of the 14th Annual Anatomy Awards.

Categories included 'Best Full Nude', 'Best Over 40 Nude' and 'Best Retro Monster Back Burger'.

Check out all the winners at


There's always room for more nudity on Mr. Skin, so who will be the next Hollywood leading lady to take her clothes off on-camera? According to the man himself, Kristen Stewart is going to be seen topless in the upcoming movie On the Road. Additionally, Mila Kunis is also rumored to be starring in the adaptation of 50 Shades of Grey, so she should be showing some very soon. A caller told Howard he was anxious to see Emma Watson nude, but it was Jennifer Love Hewitt that Mr. Skin claimed most of his members want to see naked ASAP.