Howard Returns to Mexico (and Golf)

January 6, 2014


While he once wondered why anyone would go to Mexico given the insane crime going on down there, Howard and Beth braved the sandy beaches for their holiday vacation.

Jimmy and Molly Kimmel were also on hand, along with Jennifer Aniston, her fiancé Justin Theroux and their friend Courteney Cox.

Jimmy and Molly Kimmel

Howard had a fantastic time hanging by the beach and showing off his new “six-pack abs” to the paparazzi.

He and Beth would take a long walk each morning, and he once woke up to a note asking him to wake Jimmy and Molly because they really wanted to join the walk. Howard tried, but didn’t get a response, so they went alone.

When Howard returned, he apologized to Jimmy – who had no idea about the note. It had been left by prankster Justin Theroux.

Since they were all having such a good time, Howard suggested they hit the links for a round of golf – a sport that Howard became the master of when he hit a few balls at a driving range at the Kimmel’s wedding.

The men hit the green and Howard quickly discovered that while he could drive the ball like a pro, everything else – the approach shots – all went to hell. It took them two hours to play four holes, and they lost forty-two balls.

They decided to call it a game.