Scott Dreams of Stand-Up Stardom

January 6, 2014
Photo: The Howard Stern Show


How could you forget the time Scott ‘the Engineer’ Salem tried his hand at stand-up – to disastrous results – in Cleveland, Ohio?

Apparently Scott did.

It was revealed this morning that Scott is developing a bit called “You know you’re old when…” and hopes to take his act on the road.

Howard was completely fascinated that not only had Scott dreamt up this signature joke, but he actually Googled the phrase to make sure it wasn’t already someone else’s.

Scott wanted to confirm that the bit was genius.

Scott shuffled into the studio to deny that he was putting anything together – he was just f*cking around in his studio.

Gary Dell’Abate chimed in that new Stern Show staffer Nik had witnessed Scott come up with the bit and Google it to ensure its originality. Gary was even so bold as to spoil the one known complete version of the joke – “You know you’re old when you know the names of every newscaster on 1010 WINS.”

Howard suggested that instead of stand-up, Scott should go on tour and receive anal in every major city in the US.

It certainly would be a surefire moneymaker.