Eric the Actor Thanks Howard

Wack Packer calls in to wish the King of All Media a happy birthday

January 14, 2014
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Eric the Actor called up this morning and, in what is the first documented incident ever, was actually somewhat pleasant. The usually surly Wack Packer wished Howard a Happy Birthday and thanked Howard for letting him be involved in the show for twelve years.

Howard and Robin were flabbergasted. Eric was also calling to report that, due to the incompetence of his long-time on-and-off manager Johnny Fratto (who has never been paid actual money by Eric) he would be unable to attend the party.

Gary said that Eric had been invited, and asked to provide a list of what he would need. Moving the severely handicapped Eric anywhere requires cars, oxygen, Pepsi, and many other things.

Eric maintains that the fault lies with Fratto, who was supposed to anticipate his needs.

Howard was curious what JD Harmeyer would be wearing to the party. JD is hoping to go with the new suit that Ronnie, Gary and Jon Hein all purchased for him for his big date night with Beth Stern. As Howard was wondering whether or not JD could fit into it, JD let it slip that he would probably wear the suit with sneakers.

He was loudly chastised by everybody, including Ronnie who wondered what happened to the new dress shoes they bought him. Stay tuned to see what winds up on JD’s feet.

Hanzi also called up, desperate to get to the bash and adamant about not asking his parents’ permission.