There’s No End to the Desperate Pleas for Birthday Tickets

January 14, 2014

You may remember James as the noble caller who desperately wanted tickets to the Birthday Bash in December, but was honorable enough to hang up after he lost, just like he promised he would.

Today, James got through again, begging Howard for a chance to attend his dream party. Once again, he struck out. He did remain on the line to beg for one more chance – which Howard gave him – but he got that wrong too, and finally cut himself off.

It was time for another round of the revolting, completely unpredictable Ronnie Mund This or That Game!

1) Would Ronnie rather slap a girl’s ass or pull her hair?

James actually sounded like he was crying when he got the answer wrong. Ronnie wasn’t having it, shouting “bullshit!” Finally, Howard gave him one more chance, but made him promise to hang up if he missed it.

2) Would Ronnie rather have sex with a girl with a hot body and bad face or a bad body and a hot face?

While that question seemed easy as pie, Howard offered James the rare chance to pass on it and move to the next question, which he accepted.

3) Would Ronnie rather be with a “squirter” or a woman who can flex her vagina muscles?

James missed it, and dutifully hung up the phone. Howard liked his spirit, and hated hearing him dejected once again.


Yesterday, a woman named Shelly called up for Birthday Bash tickets, and, since we’d given a pair away already, she somehow badgered Howard into agreeing to let her tour the studio. That wasn’t enough for Greedy Shelly, who called up again this morning to try to win Birthday Tickets as well.

Howard agreed to let her play, but she had to surrender her tour for the opportunity. She surrendered.

The question was:

4) Would Ronnie rather have sex with a woman in a small car or a public bathroom?

Shelly got the answer wrong, and was left with nothing. She begged for her tour back, but the whole back office, as well as Gary and Ronnie, begged Howard to hang up on her. And he did.

Finally, Stern Show correspondent Wolfie called up and asked to try for the pair of tickets (even people who work on the show can’t go, the tickets are so sought after).

Wolfie was asked:

5) Would Ronnie rather have a blow job or a hand job with lubricant?

Thankfully, Wolfie got knows Ronnie well, and he walked away with a prized pair of tickets.

Answers: 1) Pull her hair 2) Hot body and ugly face 3)Squirter! 4) Small car 5) Blow job, as long as she swallows it